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Implantation bleeding or is something wrong with me?

Hi all!  I just turned 42.  I was pregnant a year ago and miscarried early.  I have still been trying to ttc naturally before getting fertility treatments.  My period is usually like clockwork usually starting light then heavy (with lots of cramps) for 1 or 2 days then light, and it usually lasts for 4 or 5 days, but this month I'm kind of baffled.  I was due to have my period on 10/31/17.  I started spotting on 11/1/17 with no cramps. Spotting with small bits of clots on 11/2/17 through 11/5/17.  11/6/17- 11/9/17 the bleeding got heavier with small clots.  Then on 11/9/17 around 2:00pm the bleeding stopped.  Woke up this morning with no blood on my tampon.  Then I felt a small cram around 11:00 a.m. and checked and the bleeding is back when I wipe.  I am back to spotting.  I've been poas e-bay cheapie daily since 10/30/17 BFN.  But since yesterday I haven't POAS (pee on a stick (i.e. pregnancy test)) but I will do it when I get home since the bleeding is back again.  I have been having lots of nightmares where I am mean and impatient to friends and family members, but in real life I am not this way. Also, a couple days ago I dreamt I was in a room full of babies in Tupperware type containers, some were dead and some were barely alive.  I was either a doctor or scientist in a white lab coat.  It was very odd. I woke up extremely cold one night and rolled over to my left side and felt better and when I woke up I was warm and very sweaty.  I've been having diarrhea daily after I eat and dizzy if I don't eat.  Last night I had some pain in my upper abdomen, like soreness, then this morning I woke up extremely nauseated, like I needed to vomit, but I didn't.  I felt well after I had breakfast, but I still feel fatigue.  Am I having a spotty period or is this implantation bleeding?  Thank you all and baby dust to all