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Is this a very faint bfp or a cruel evap line??

I have been stalking this site for 3 years trying to keep sane!! My husband and I are waiting to qualify for IVF on the NHS and have never had even a hint of a bfp! 

We have had tests done including a HyCoSy where they checked my womb and fallopian tubes which came back normal with both tubes open. My husband has great everything apart from morphology issues. 

So we have been trying for exactly 3 years now. I have been using cheapies to test and they all keep coming up with a faint line that looks like an evap line so I am assuming the whole batch of tests is faulty. I had one other branded test left which I just took and a faint line showed on it as well. I just really need some opinions if I am getting my hopes up for no reason :( I have attached a photo of the test. The line appeared in approx 5min but not sure if this too is an evap line....*sighs* 

What do you ladies think? I think I am about 10dpo maybe 11dpo. Is that far too light for 11dpo?


It looks like a faint positive. Did you test again this morning?

I did! My husband wouldn’t believe it’s a positive so I went and bought a digital and it said pregnant 1-2 weeks. We are in utter shock as were meant to start IVF. Feeling very blessed and nervous all at the same time. I really hope and pray it’s a sticky bean!

It looks positive to me and I saw you posted you got a positive digi too. HH9!!

I was about to comment "woah I think that's positive" and then I saw your confirmation in the comments. Congratulations!