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Hello ladies, my partner and i have been ttc for the past couple months now after loosing our first baby 2 years ago. But so far no luck :( . Every month we try something new, like last month during O we have tried making love every other day leading up to the day of O, the day of O and after. We were really hopefull but then AF visited. So this month (November) i started O on the 6th and my actual ovulation day was on the 10th. So my partner and i decided to start early and we bd on the 3rd,4th,5th and then again on the 6th when my O started. We made love every day i was ovulating including the 10th (day of O) and the following 2 days after just so we could be sure we covered all the possible fertile days and then some. i am currently 2 DPO and i have been experiencing these little cramp/twinge pains in my right side, as well as odd cramps in my abdomin but nothing severe or painful. i am also very wet (sorry tmi) down there so it leaves me questioning if we have succeeded in trying to concieve, because usally after O i tend to dry up down there. (sorry again if tmi) i also find myself going to the bathroom alot more frequently then i used to, and i wake up alot through the night. But i know these pregnancy sypmtons dont usually show till later on in pregnancy. So i feel like i am back to playing the guessing game and it drives me nuts!! i am just hoping for the BFP <3

We have been hoping to become pregnant for awhile now and i feel like i get my hopes up every month during the TWW.  if any of you ladies have any suggestions, tips, pointers or are going through the same thing i am please feel free to post away! and good luck to all you ladies out there TTC!! babydust to you all <3



Fingers crossed you get your BFP this month! I’m currently 3DPO myself. In my experience you can have early symptoms which persist and intensify from O but everyone is different. Your signs so far are promising. I’ve had a couple of hot flashes, twinges on the right side with some cramping and shooting pains in my right breast with tingling. Past pregnancies my first symptom was tingling of the nipples which occurred straight after ovulation. Keep us posted during the 2WW. Lots of baby dust xx

thank you so much! i wish you the best of luck too! how have you been feeling lately? i am now currently 5DPO and i have been getting small cramps in my right side sometimes my left but mostly the right, headaches on and off, i have a dull ache in my right hip that comes and goes, it doesn't hurt or bug me at all tho. breasts are still tender and i got some acne (which doesnt usually happen for another week or close to AF) but it has cleared up now. i still find myself having to use the washroom a lot during the day and night, i also had a vivid dream the other night, i woke up remembering the whole thing and it made me feel so weird. i have also experienced a twinge/tickling sensation behind my belly button and this has happened 2 times so far. and i have been starting to feel really tired the past 2 days, yesterday i was yawning like crazy around 4 in the afternoon which isnt usually normal for me. i am really hoping this is it and i will finnaly get my BFP! so excited but nervous!

All of your symptoms sound promising. How have you been doing? 8DPO today and I think this isn’t my month! I have none of my usual symptoms but I am experiencing extreme gas and bloating. There is also this burning feeling in my tummy similar to AF, along with twinges but I.feel it’s more associated with the gas. I have never ever ever experienced this in my life so Ive started taking some probiotics to see if it helps. I did wake up this morning and my daughter asked me “why did you ask Houston (DS) to get in the car?” I was having a zombie dream haha Let me know how you’re doing. When are you going to start testing? Exciting times as we are over half way through our TWW. Fingers crossed!