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It sounds like a bad sci-fi movie, but is apparently a marker used to detect certain types of cancer. Research has shown that a subset of women with endometriosis also show elevated levels. I'm pretty sure I don't have cancer and I really hope I don't have endometriosis, so I am hoping my blood tests show levels under 30 both times. Today is cd3 and I made it to the hospital just in time to have blood taken. My periods are very short these days. The third day is usually already very light and this cycle was no exception, so I hope cd3 will give a good enough answer.

I return to the doctor in two weeks to hear the results and discuss further course of action. Maybe if I'm feeling brave I'll ask if I can be on the waiting list for donor sperm. I can get it from a sperm bank abroad as soon as I want, but I think it can't hurt to expand my options.

I have decided against a known donor. I really don't want any personal involvement with a donor. Open donation is mandatory here, so I know my child would always have the opportunity to meet their biological father when they are older. For me that feels right.

An article in the local newspaper struck me this week. In my area there is a need for an additional 3500! foster parents. Especially crisis placement has a big shortage. I'm hardly a perfect parent, but no child should have to go to a children's home. No matter how nice these places are, it is not as good as a family environment. I have done apprenticeships in a few, so I have some idea. I feel strongly that I should apply. They may well reject me for being a single mum with health problems, but it can't hurt to try.


My thoughts are with you and I wish you the best of luck. Let us know how everything goes. There is definitely no harm in trying but you’re right, you are offering a safe and loving environment to a child in need. You have a good heart :)