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PIC ATTACHED- How faint can a BFP be on FRER??!!

ladies, I need some help. how faint have your very first BFP lines been in an FRER test? I took one this afternoon (I know FMU is better, but I couldn’t help myself!) and I swear I can see a line, but if I were to just look fast, I probably wouldn’t see it. Does that sound Possible? Or is even the faintest of BFP lines obviously there and not something to squint at? Any advise or pictures would really help me. I know I need to test again and plan to wait until Thursday morning, but I probably can’t wait that long lol. 

I drew little Markers where I saw the line, do you see anything or am I absolutely crazy??


Looking at this after it uploaded, I can't see on the picture what I see on the actual test. But I'd still love to hear how faint your very first BFP's were. it'll help me calm down I think? probably not, but please HELP haha!

It can be pretty faint but still with an echo of color. The pic only gives a shadow of the test area. Have you you tested again? FRERs can take a bit to show these days. FX!!