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Evap or positive? Picture included

need some help. This I the third test I’ve taken and I swear I see the faintest if lines in the FRER I took on 10 DPO, this is from 11 DPO, but it took like 20 minutes to show up. Does the fact that it has color give me some hope or does that def look like an evap line? I don’t normally use blue dye tests so I’m not so sure. 




That is alot of color for an evap. Do you have another FRER to use? When do you expect AF? I really think it is a bfp. But I could be wrong. FX!!! its the real deal

I had one that looked just like that and it was an evap (confirmed by dr office blood test and the fact that AF showed up a day later). For those blue dyes, look at the width of the band. A bfp will be thick, like the control line. Most evap lines are very thin, and unfortunately to me, that one looks pretty thin. I'd say evap at this point, but that doesn't rule out a bfp later. Keep testing...

This turned out to be an evap :(. However, this month I finally got my BFP and am due Aug 2018 :)