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HPT has anyone had this before?

I’m 11DPO today and thought I’d do an HPT for the sake of doing an HPT and I have never seen this before! Yay for supermarket HPT brand Confirm. I took this pic 2-3 minutes after taking the test. Box says rresults as early as 1 minute -.-


Never had they happen before but I believe if the control line is missing then the test is void. Sorry it turned out to be a crappy test. Do you have any other options? Prayers for a clear bfp soon. Hugs

Yes, I took one this afternoon which was negative and another one before getting into bed and got a squinter of a positive within 3 mins. I might test in a couple of days but I’m not sure I’ll be able to help myself. hopefully it will be clear. I hope we get our bfp this month! Fingers crossed