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Bless IUI

Hey, I am male. We got married for 4 years and tried hard time having a baby. We tried timed intercourse for over 1 year, and have been using Letrizole and Ovidrel for another 1 year, but still nothing. This month is our third time IUI, she has 1 follicle sized 23mm, 1 follicle around 18mm, 1 around 14mm. 

I felt frustrated and distressed when I saw my wife's taking pills and needle shots every day and suffering it month by month. 

Please bless us and the family who are in the same boat!


Finger crossed!


Praying your IUI makes gives you all a HH9!

Thank you Faithrock!

Good luck. Hopefully this will be your bfp.

Thank you Singlemum2, so far nothing happened, we are still waiting for blood work scheduled for this Friday.

Still no AF, BFN, We went to blood test this morning, result will come back this afternoon.