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Am I miscarrying?

I'm starting to lose hope. 2 days ago at 12 dpo I had a very strong positive. (Top test). This morning at 14 dpo its much lighter. I want to cry. Does this signal a miscarriage?


Hi Honey, Is it possible that you took this with more diluted urine the second time? Maybe you drank more water or fluids before bedtime? I'm afraid I don't have a solid answer for you, but I would get ahold of your OBGYN and see what they say even if you need to have the emergency on-call nurse call them. This is just as important as any other emergency. You could also try a different pregnancy test as well. Don't lose heart. Prayers for you and ((hugs))

I agree with Baby Dancer, your urine may have not been as concentrated in your second test. I recommend taking another test with FMU. Also some woman have better results taking the test in the evening. When did you take the first test? You can also go to the dr and request a beta HCG. I wish you the best and hope you have a sticky bean this month Hugs xx

They are both strong positives. The line intensity can vary throughout the day.