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Rainbow after a CP and an Ectopic

Hi everyone! I have stayed away for a while to relax and enjoy life. I did not get my rainbow BFP to share with our family while they were visiting for Thanksgiving, BUT I did get a BFP yesterday and CANNOT wait to tell our family on Christmas!!!

We are so excited that we have another chance to have a baby after the ectopic nightmare 3 months ago.

Prayers for the "third time's the CHARM!"


Congratulations! My hopes and prayers for a safe pregnancy and delivery go with you! How exciting to have such wonderful news to share at Christmas! It gives hope to us all!

Thank you!!!

Congrats!!! Prayers for a safe pregnancy and delivery :)

Thank you!!!

Prayers for you! I am currently TTC after an early miscarriage and then a chemical. Hoping the very best for you!!

Thank you so much. I will be praying for you too!!