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Weird cycle

This cycle I started spotting at 3dpo, even earlier than usual. At first some pink and then watery brown. It wasn't just there when I wiped. It actually ran into the toilet and filled a tampon in less than a day. I've never had anything like it before. I assumed my period would come early, but it's now day 25 and nothing yet. For two weeks I've had a respiratory virus, so I'm hoping that is the reason for this odd cycle. I'm getting paranoid now thinking I might have early decline in ovarian reserve like my mother. Would be annoying since all the other women in the family managed to have babies easily into their late thirties.


It does sound strange. Have you seen your doctor about it yet? Like prior to today about possibly having early ovarian decline? FX all goes well but the spotting is worrisome. Maybe you just need extra help with ovulating so your progesterone gets high enough to stay off AF

I am already seeing a gynaecologist and she knows about the spotting. I am seeing her again the 22nd, so I'll bring up this extra weird cycle then and ask for some more tests. Low progesterone could be the culprit. My luteal phase has actually gone up from 12 to 14 days.