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Somebody help?

This has never happened to me so I’m quite confused. Sooo I have irregular periods but I always know when I’m getting my period I recently had what really was not a period I would say it’s spotting because it lasted 2 days there was no flow I only would see it if I wiped and it was mainly pink then got a little red and there was no blood clots which was super strange because I always have that. Regularly my period lasts 4 days and the first two days are heavy then light the last two. Prior to this spotting I got what I thought was stomach flu but that was way too random I was eating nothing unusual and got diarrhea Saturday night to Sunday night. I went to the hospital because it was sooo bad and painful. A day later was when I had the spotting now after the spotting my breasts are full and sore not so much now but they feel heavy and I’m bloated. My breasts are never sore after? I’m not sure what to make of this, has this happened to anyone and then you found out you were pregnant?


Hi Have you tested? At this point with any type of bleeding its good to test to be for sure. FX all turns out good. Keep us posted

Should I this early? I mentioned what was happening to my friends and they told me to wait a week or two I was thinking I should test on Monday? I’m just nervous about seeing a negative result

If that spotting was five or more days ago I would definitely test. It could have been implantation bleeding. Good luck.