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TWW as of 12/9/17

d on Mon, 2017-12-11 20:04 

Hi ladies, I’m new to the forum but not new to trying to conceive. We had our first IUI 12/9/17 and I am on edge with the waiting. I took Clomid 50mg and my husband was 50 million or more at 88% with sperm wash. Tomorrow I go for my vaginal sonogram. I’m nervous. I have felt bloated, full and not really hungry but really tired. Can anyone shed some light? 

Signed.....nervously waiting


Hi, we are on the same schedule. I had my IUI 12/8. I had 100mg of clomid and trigger shot, did you have a trigger shot? What are you getting a sonogram for so soon?

Hi kiki114, I had a trigger shot that Friday 12/8 and my IUI was actually on 12/9. He said to see if I ovulated. My right side did not but my left side did. He says my left ovary is a little high. I don’t know what that means. Are you taking progesterone?

I Ov On 12/9 FX for us!

Hi LT2017, Yes i am on progesterone suppositories. So you did the sonogram to see if you ovulated? Interesting. They just have us take a blood test to check progesterone levels. Baby_Mama and LT2017 happy TWW to all of us. FX FX :-)

I thought it was interesting and I left feeling a certain type of way. Baby dust to all. Still waiting and trying to stay positive.