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Am I pregnant?

ok I believe I ovulated (going by my CM) on around dec 6 or 7 and BD on the 7th just once..literally the next day I felt almost like a fullness inside if that makes sense with lots of creamy white CM for about 6 days which never happens to me.  It almost felt like as if I had a tampon in. Then two days ago, i can still slightly feel it but not as strong and now the CM is a little less but white and milky looking but still creamy.  Plus I’m so tired, took two naps yesterday because i couldnt keep my eyes open and had one vivid dream. Im also constipated and having mild cramping but maybe thats the constipation idk. and yesterday and once today so far two different things that I ate tasted off to like nothing and the other sorta like perfume.  Haven’t really been nauseous yet, no dizzyness yet.  I seem to have been hungry at dinner last night and maybe two hours after breakfast today too but thats been it for that symptom so far.  I took a cheap pregnancy test (one that tests at 25miu) last night but it was negative :( I know its still early (8dpo yesterday) but I couldnt help myself.  period would be due the 21st or 22nd I believe.  What do you guys think?


I think its too early still. Wait a day more and try a more sensitive. FX you are preggy. Hugs