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9 dpo, bfp or is this still trigger?

I am 9dpo and 11dpt (days past trigger) I took a test a cpl days ago and they both were negative so I thot the trigger was out my system. Now I'm not sure if this is the trigger in my system still. I was on 100mg of clomid then trigger and IUI. Any thoughts?? Does anyone see a faint 2nd line?


I think if it was the trigger alone it's be lighter. That looks darker than a faint bfp. I really believe it's the real thing!

Faithrock thanks. i took another cheapie this morning and a digital at the same time (with fmu), digital said "not pregnant" but cheapie faint line came in even sooner. idk y it wont let me upload this pic to the response.

Definitely see it!

Thanks, the tests are definitely showing a line now, Im praying its not the trigger. I do blood work on Thursday so FX :-)

Yes, FX!! Keep us updated!!!

HIStory1217 digital read "pregnant" and every test is positive right away now. should b taking the blood test by 2moro. FX thanks.

So exciting!!! I'm praying for us both!! I am about to go get my 6 week US today to make sure my baby is in my uterus. So excited/nervous I could puke!!!

OMG we r going to be close. GL wit ur appt!!

I wish you all the best Kiki and praying for a HH9! I am sorry to say I have lost my 3rd pregnancy. I went in for an US at 11 AM yesterday and the whole process took about an hour, but they wouldn't say much I guess b/c they aren't allowed. Anyway the Doctor came and talked to us and said they didn't see anything in my uterus...not even a gestational sac. Then they admitted me to the ER with a suspected Ectopic. After many hours they sent me home in limbo(not their fault, but it sucked not knowing what was going to happen even though I kind of knew.) My HCH was only 267.1. They weren't sure if it was going up very slowly or had gone up and now was on it's way back down. So they sent me home and said come back Friday and we'll check it again and go from there. I started bleeding at 3:45 AM this morning, so I have my answer. :( I have all sorts of emotions going on right now ranging anywhere from anger, confusion, and sadness to thankfulness that it wasn't another ectopic. This is going to take some time to recover from for sure, but I am ready to try again already. I want to feel a baby grow inside me so bad!

HIStory1217 im so sorry to hear that. I just went thru a chemical preg in Oct. and yes its very emotionally devastating to say the least. I pray the next cycle works for u. I kept reading after my CP that a lot of ppl get preg. right after bcuz of all the harmones, so maybe trying right away is ok :-) if ur up to it, dont stress ur body out too much, i kno easier said than done believe me. I took my blood test and HCG was 84, which i thought wud b higher due to gettin a bfp faint at 9dpo, then I started spotting which is making me nervous due to the CP i jus had the cycle prior to this. We'll c wat happens. Im keeping u in my prayers. Hope you rest and have a very Merry Xmas!