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2018 or bust!

Gearing up for our FET in February. Just started bcp and hopefully my 2nd to last AF for a long while. Trying to get all my ducks in a row over these medications has been a little frustrating! I'm working against a national shortage of progesterone, but I found a pharmacy that has an approved synthetic I'm going to order, because most other places are just like "yeah not sure what you're going to do". How are doctors handling this, I wonder? I mean, it's kind of necessary... Anyway, hopefully I can procure the alternative this week. And I'm fighting it out with Walgreens over the Lupron with GoodRx coupon, which will save like $400. I'm really appreciative of all the tips you experienced FETers have given me. It is helping, slowly but surely! 

I hope 2018 holds good things for all of you. I've been hoping "next year" was my year for too many to count, and I'm hopeful this time is the last. Wishing you all things merry and bright. ♡


Good luck! I hope this FET coming up is it for you.

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I just know it’s going to work for you!! Very best of luck and many prayers for you!! Also, many clinics are transitioning to the progesterone suppositories. Some only do those but some start with injections and then make the switch. I am so sorry that is another stressor in this whole situation.

I did progesterone vaginal suppositories and highly recommend them. I hope your progesterone situation gets resolved soon. I wonder what is causing a shortage? Good to hear from you. Good luck!!!

So exciting! I wanted to comment on the progesterone suppositories as well. It seems like an email to your nurse could help a lot here. Im sure they're aware of the shortage, and I would think the suppositories on the list of recommended back ups. My clinic had said that they were trying to make the switch to using them for all protocols. I get if you prefer IM injections tho. I felt more secure about it getting into my system that way, but so the Drs. said it was the same. Anyway, Im sorry this is stressful! I never had to deal with a shortage but I bet it's no fun. Its all going to be worth it once you see those pretty pink lines! Happy New Year!

Thanks guys. :) I'm always happy to see you're all sticking around. I hope they switch to suppositories eventually. They don't start with them, something about absorption. Anyway, not only did I luck out and find the legit progesterone in oil (not the synthetic!), I also found a Walgreens that would honor the GoodRx coupon so I saved $400! All my meds are ready. I just have to submit a bit more paperwork, schedule my traveling, and relaxxxxxx because right now I'm kind of a big ball of nerves. Lots and lots of what ifs!

Thats fantastic news! Nothing better that saving $$$$$!! Very exciting things! Holding my breath for you!