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Pregnancy test test

Yes, I tested a pregnancy test. I don't know if that makes me type A or crazy, but I wanted to make sure the new type of test I bought isn't prone to indents or evaps. So at 7/8 dpo and no chance of being pregnant I peed on the stick. White as the driven snow. Oddly enough I still felt a little disappointed. Put that down to crazy. The tests are ready to go, at any rate.


Af didn't come early. Instead I was nauseated, tired, crabby and crampy the entire week. I was actually starting to wonder if a small miracle had happened and tested a few more times. All bfn as expected. Af expected tomorrow, but I don't feel like it is coming. I think I had that last cycle as well though and my customary migraine seems to be on its way. The good news is none of the tests had evaps or indents, so if I ever get a faint line I can be pretty confident it's a real one. In the mean time I have fake obsessed and googled every symptom, chances of bfp after bfn, read dozens of posts and gotten thoroughly sick of the whole thing. I had to get it out of my system, I guess. I think I might do my first donor attempt next cycle. I have decided against testing. I've done it all before and it was always normal. Knowing what my amh is would probably just stress me out. I've seen women whose numbers went up after a year, so I am not that convinced of the accuracy anyway. I think I will give it three attempts. If they all result in bfn I'll think about tests and treatments. For now I'm just going to relax and only worry about the cost of it all.