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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

Cycle 2 Log

12/30 1 pink spot during the day

12/31 CD1-light flow

CD 2- heavy flow

CD 3 - medium flow

CD 4- light flow

CD 5- intermittent pink spotting thru out the day, mainly when wiping

CD 6 - 2-3 pink spotting when wiping

CD 8 - 10 - watery CF

CD 10- faint line on OPK strip  dull right pelvic pain for 20-30 min (630pm)

CD 11-line getting darker on OPK strip (830am). Watery CF, fatigue, increased arousal. OPK Line same at 5 pm test

CD 12- opk lines getting darker tested @8am & @5pm both negative. heavy boobs, fatigue/lethargy. BD with preseed x2

CD 13-tested with cheapie @730 am-negative. used clearblue digital-no surge detected. fatigue/lethargy

CD 14- almost positive cheapie and smiley on clear blue digital, means Ov imminent in 24-36 hrs. Morning tests. Lots of Ov dull pains from both sides. no BD

CD 15 - ovulation day. BDx2 with Preseed. Positive cheapie OPK. Ov pain, stabbing breast pain. 

1 DPO-slight Ov pain off and on. gassy/bloated, BM. Very Wet/EW CF

2 DPO- gassy/bloated, Very Wet/EW CF, headache, stabbing/tingling pain in boobs. intermittent Ov pain. Frequent urination. Cranky. Ravenous 

3 DPO-gassy/bloated. Creamy CF. CP: L/S/OP. Full and tender breasts. Fatigued.

4 DPO-lots of watery cf. Vag bubbles. sore nips at night

5 DPO-dull aches at night that woke me up. sore nips, headache (from not eating breakfast). Felt dazed driving to work. Gassy and BM. Cervix feels like its closing and more firm than previous days. Medium height.Lotiony cm after a BM. Constipated. dull aches more frequent around 430. Nips burning.

6 DPO-short sharp random pains at 1am. Random dull pelvic ache thru out the day

7 DPO-dull pelvic ache right side. Right hip pain going down the leg sharp right side pain. Sciatic pain right bum

8 DPO-bloated and gassy. so so exhausted. Hungry. Cloudy ewcm after a bowel movement. Dry mouth.. Nausea after lunch  light milky cf

9 DPO-heart rate seems fast at times. Nausea after lunch. Exhausted. Light milky cf

10 DPO-bloated, gassy, exhausted! Craving cookies. And popcorn. Boobs very slightly tended. Light Milky cf