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Sperm ordered

It sounds a bit strange, but today I have ordered my first (and hopefully only) batch of sperm. I am excited and a little scared. It is coming from a sperm bank abroad, so I really hope I timed the delivery right. Annoyingly the weekend got in the way and I had to take a more expensive shipping option. Then they hit me with a hefty charge for paying by creditcard. And last but not least I had to pay to reserve a quota slot. In the end I paid nearly double what I was expecting. It also bothers me that I have to pay 25% vat. Sperm is a luxury product? No wonder so many women get dubious donors off the internet. Please don't do that btw. Do you really want to be wondering if the girl your son has a crush on in high school could be his half-sister?

I've also ordered liquid vitamins, since I suffer from hg and some conception friendly lube. Tmi, but I did not fancy inserting a seringe dry. I have soft cups to keep things in place overnight already. I also got some clear blue digitals on sale. I think I'm as prepared as possible. Now I can start praying.

I felt encouraged to read a survey that said 38% of women get pregnant on the first cycle. I know there are more depressing stats, but I like this one, so I'm developing a selective memory.

Now I'm off to open my parcels with pregnancy clothes. Bfp or bfn, I'm determined to have a good time with this.


Thank you! Tuesday should be d-day. Getting quite excited.