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Fun with hormones

I know it's just bcp, but the specific hormones in the one my clinic uses prior to FET cycles is something I would never take for actual birth control lol. I'm three weeks into breakouts, my boobs literally getting bigger (and sorer) by the day, and spicy / salty food cravings. But I'm taking it all in stride and excited to be getting closer! 

It's kind of funny, but I'm actually feeling what some may refer to as "baby fever" for the first time in years. I'll find myself looking at baby shower stuff and thinking about birth plans and considering how we'll shift things to accommodate a baby in our lives. Back when we were first ttc, I thought about stuff like that all the time and had all these plans, but at some point I just stopped. So it's nice to get a little bit of that feeling back. Hope, I think that's what they call it? Lol.

Anyway, just checking in. Getting excited to be reunited with our embryos!


How wonderful you can finally feel excited again. Treat yourself to a facial for the acne and maybe a maternity bra for the sore boobs. Enjoy it all.

So excited! Almost there!!

The NEDC put me on Necon BCP and I swear out of all the “hard drugs”, those innocent little BCPs were the WORST. It was like they were giving me the middle finger for taking them with total intentions to get pregnant!