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Trying-to-Conceive Blog


My opk this morning was positive. Maybe I inseminated too early. Frozen sperm only lasts 24h. I used it all up, so no possibility of a second attempt. On the plus side, I have been having ovulation cramps this morning, so hopefully the egg will appear soon. I'll do another opk at lunch time and hope it is negative. This timing thing is a big pain.


The opk at 12 was negative. I did another at 5 in the afternoon and it was positive again. I'm worried these opk's are no good and now I wasted my money on this cycle. Hopefully the sperm was strong and the egg early. If not I am buying a different brand of opk's next cycle and saving up for two batches of sperm for next try. Fingers crossed I won't need it.

This morning the opk was very much negative. I really hope ovulation happened yesterday and that the spermies were waiting. Now I just have to try and relax for the next week.