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The tww begins

The courier just picked up the cryogenic container and I am 1dpo. The waiting game has begun. Today I am constipated for the first time since I was pregnant with my toddler. Luckily I am quite sane and know it is not a symptom. :) I do wonder if I will spot around 4dpo. It happened several cycles before. If it does I already know it is probably not implantation. With my first I didn't have ib either. I've had such awful pms recently, I don't expect I will notice any symptoms. 

It's crazy early, but I think I'll take my first test at 7dpo. Last time I got a good positive on ic and clearblue digital at 9dpo (afternoon), so I'm curious. Then 1 test in the afternoon per day until 12dpo if bfn until then. At that point I'll consider myself out and wait for af. If I get a faint line on ic, I have some nice brand tests to follow up with. 

That's the game plan. Now onwards to my chore list to keep myself occupied.


2dpo and the nausea has started just like last cycle. I assume it is from rising progesterone. It's going to be a long week. :)

3dpo and I have this horrid taste in my mouth like old flat coke. Brushing doesn't help. I also woke up with a cold and was so gassy I couldn't sleep. I'm also totally overreacting to everything, but that probably due to two weeks of sleep deprivation.

Still 3dpo: bad pain in my right side and spotting. Applying progesterone cream to feel like I am doing something.

4 dpo: gassy, so bloated I couldn't button up my pants, cramps on the right side, bleeding gums when I brushed. I think my body is giving me all the symptoms I had with my first pregnancy, but quite a bit earlier. Wishful thinking is a scary thing. Still spotting pink and creamy. Two more days until testing. Getting nervous.

Still 4 dpo. Spotting turned more copious and brown. A small dark red tissue clot also came out. Never seen this before. My cramps have stopped. I so hope this was not a failed implantation. Going to have a chocolate cookie, watch a documentary and then get some sleep. Maybe tomorrow hope will be back.

5 dpo: spotting and cramping continues. I'm also really tired. I was sitting on the toilet at my parents' house and I almost fell asleep. Bit weird. :) My nr2's are pretty solid, when they are normally very soft and more frequent due to ibs. Getting excited about testing tomorrow. It will be bfn, but maybe I will see a ghost of a line.

Thank you Singlemum!!! FX for you!!! I think I will be holding my breath until I hold a breathing babe in my arms after all I've been through.

Sounds crazy, but I don't think you ever fully relax again after becoming a mum. They're so little and the world is full of things to worry about. It's also an immense joy to even be blessed with someone to worry about. Try not to let the worry take over. You deserve some enjoyment too HIStory1217.