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10dpo symptoms.. Too early ?? bfn ??

so today I took a FR 6 days sooner test in the afternoon and got a bfn. I’m 10dpo and I know it’s early to rest but I had too Lol. I have had some weird feelings Just below my belly button. It feels like pinching and then sometimes like a pulling feeling. I’ve also noticed that I have a sharp pain in my left side and I have been extremely irritated and emotional. The one thing that had me testing is the fact that my boobs and nipples have been very Sore to the touch. they have been this way since 2dpo. Usually my boobs get big and a little sore before AF. But never this early and this constant. And my nipples never feel this sore and erect. Has anyone else gotten a bfn with all these symptoms at 10dpo??? Is there any point in retesting? 


I have the same symptoms but it's still too early too test. Was curious if you tested again recently and what results you got Thanks :)