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The testing begins

I had a crazy moment last night and tested.

5dpo: bfn

6dpo: bfn

I'll keep testing daily. I really feel as if af is about to arrive, although I should have a luteal phase of 13/14 days. We'll see, I guess.


Still spotting, but cramps have subsided. I'm crabby and tired, but otherwise feel great. It's 7dpo and bfn. Excited for tomorrow. I'm really hoping for a shadow of a line.

8 dpo: I'm so irritable I just want to cry. If this is pms, early menopause might not be so bad. I just want this day to be over.

8 dpo: bfn

I tested at 8 and 9 dpo with dollorama test and got bfn. Then tested with frer at 11dpo and bfp!! Then dollorama at 12dpo this morning and bfp again. Don't test too early!!

Congratulations!!! I hope you have a great pregnancy. You are totally right. It's just that I got a clear positive at 9dpo last time and I had this silly fantasy of a line progression. Every pregnancy is different anyway, so even if I'm pregnant it could take longer to get a line. Trying to be sane.

Just broke out crying randomly and couldn't stop. I'm also dead tired and cramping. Either af will be a few days early, or something else is brewing. It's giving me hope that I feel awfully depressed. :)

9dpo: bfn so far. I lost some brown blood and my cm is still watery. I don't know if I should still be hopeful, or should expect af any minute.

Good luck! Keep testing and update us :)

Thank you! It's hard not to keep testing. :)

10 dpo: bfn. Had a bit of red blood yesterday and feel like af should start any minute. Early af would make this my strangest cycle in two years. Bad luck really.

I thought I had line eyes when I saw a vvvfl on my test today, but it looks really clear now. All the older tests are still blank. Got excited for a millisecond. Took another test: bfn. Stupid test tricked me. At least I had some short lived joy.

Hmmm. I've had faint lines on three tests today. I'll try one more and one from a different brand before I go to bed. Hopefully I am not getting my hopes up in vain.

Vvvvfl or line eyes? I can't tell anymore. Tbc.

11dpo: fmu bfn/vvvfl. I think all these tests give faint lines. Annoying they only started doing it at 10dpo and getting my hopes up. Next time I'm not testing early and getting different brand tests. I'll test one more time this evening and then I'll wait for af.

You're still hanging in there! I think the faint lines could be something... it just seems odd they'd pop up at 10dpo otherwise, but I understand your apprehension for sure. Good luck!

Thank you for the encouragement. It's almost funny, turns out my ultrasensitive tests are crap. They again showed faint lines. Then I dipped two different brand tests and the line is there on both. No squinting required at all.