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Miscarriage-->> +Test

It's been 4 weeks and 2 days since the bleeding for my miscarriage began. Baby stopped growing at 2/4weeks or so, from September. Miscarriage began on Dec 19. Lost all tissue & huge probably 3 lb of bloody glob tissue on top of all the smaller clots. Was horrible & painful. 

Now I don't know if this is a new positive or old because hcg hasn't gotten out. Seems crazy if it's taking this long for hcg to return to normal. 


Just curious. I'll test again and see my Dr soon I guess for both issues. Bleeding & if I get another positive any darker. 



It shows up more clear and obvious in person. But still very faint!!

My foods have been tastingdifferent/bad, soritos similar to the way they did when I had my first born son. My Pepsi's gross again. And yesterday/today I noticed throbbing pain in my breasts & felt some Elly button weird awareness type pain earlier today.

Did you detect ovulation? I think at this point you could be pregnant again, but it is not impossible this is leftover hcg. I hope this is your rainbow. Good luck.

Hi! I am so sorry for your loss. You very well could be pregnant again. Do a cheapie test each day and see if it gets darker. I had a MC on 12/21/17 at 6w5d...yesterday was exactly 4 weeks ago, and I am pregnant again!! We watched my hcg go to zero to rule out ectopic, and now I have been watching my hpt's get darker since last Wednesday when I got a very very faint line. Just had first HCG test taken today, and should get results soon. Praying for rainbows for us both!!

Levels just came back at 595.2 :)

Congrats History1217. Did they say that was a high level for 4 weeks?

Thank you, kiki!!! All they said was it is a great number, but I did look at an hcg chart and that number looks like a 5 week pregnancy which is impossible. Maybe there are two in there!!!

Congratulations! HH9