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Pcos. 3dpo after first round of clomid.

I took clomid cd 5-9 and side effects were typical, I guess. I had 2 major migraines and loads of hot flashes cd5-9. I had extreme ovulation/ovary pain cd 9-15, sensitivity during sex during that time. I had and still have bloating.

Ewcm cd 14 and 15 then Ovulated CD 16 creamy cm.

Bd CD 13 am, CD 14 am,  CD 15 pm, CD 16 pm

Used opk and bbt to confirm o.

I go for progesterone blood work in 4 days. Fx that my progesterone is good this time and hoping I finally get my bfp this cycle after 7 long years!


It takes a real manly macho man to walk his wife threw infertility. 

I love my husband.


I really hope this cycle is it for you. Baby dust and fx.