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Gimme All the Hormones

I'm nearing the end of what I hope to be my last AF for a long while! I start estrogen supplementation today, and I'm actually kind of looking forward to it. For the past few days the lupron has had me feeling like an anti-depressant commercial, so I'm definitely ready to have some of my hormones back! Things are looking up, though. I worked out the difficulties between me and my bff (who has decided to embrace her pregnancy), and I also am feeling a LOT better about some crazy family drama that I'm sure was sparked by that super blue blood moon last week. We're also heading into the Easter season next week, which is one of my favorite times of year spiritually. I definitely need to stay spiritually strong right now. 

Not a lot else to report. My only side effects from the lupron were hot flashes (omg so much worse than I used to imagine they'd be before I ever got one lol), night sweats, and the mild depression I mentioned, but none of that was very noticeable until about a week into the injections and it really hasn't been bad. I don't remember what kind of side effects I got from estrogen supplementation last time I took it (my iuis feel like they were a million years ago), but I'm pretty optimistic! Trying to keep my body moving everyday with my usual workouts, even if I feel crummy and need to go lighter or modify. This is a great exercise in body awareness! Recognizing what you need and being kind to yourself. And with all the hormones you never know what your body will even *look* like from one day to the next -- big boobs, regular boobs, flat belly, bloated belly, clear skin, acne -- and honestly I think it has really made me love my body that much more and learn to let go of some unrealistic body image notions and just know I'm beautiful and worthwhile everyday. Or maybe that's just a maturity that you get when you turn 30, who knows, lol. ;P

Anyway, that's my ivf journey right now! Faith, trust, and baby dust. ☆


You are beautiful and strong. Hopefully this is goodbye to af for quite some time.

Thank you for sharing your journey. I wish you all the best Spazzle!

Thank you, ladies, for all the support! :)