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6th IUI attempt

So in Sept 2015 I had my miracle baby boy after 3 rounds of IUI. Since then I've tried an additional 3 more times, and no success. I have PCOS, endometriosis, bicorunate uterus, tilted cervix and ohormonal imbalances galore but I'm still very optimistic about this go fabulous doctor, new meds, and an IUI that seriously didn't hurt! Here's my story...

Day 3 found out I had a huge cyst that finally bled it's way out of my body. Got baseline bloodwork. Started letrozole, doubling doses, 1 pill, 2pills, 4pills, 8pills  for day 3-7. Then bloodwork, U/S, and 2 follicles measuring 12mm. Day 9 and 10 took menopur in the PM. Then back to ER for another look at the follicles. Only 1 survived menopur and  measured 16mm on day 14. On day On day 16th the HCG shot in the morning and we had instructions to do the baby dance and on day 17 (today) we had the IUI. Now the 2ww.... baby dust to you all! anyone on their 2ww? 


Yes, I'm 6dpo today. Only did Clomid and progesterone. Was told I ovulated but its a wait and see kind of thing. Torture.

Oh I know!!! Baby dust to you! And lots of prayer that it sticks!!