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15 dpo bfp line not progressing.

In order top to bottom 

12 dpo smu

13 dpo smu

15 dpo 2 howh hold pm

16dpo fmu

Not progressing? Or even lighter after 13 dpo?



They don't seem much darker after 13dpo, but that could be due to more diluted urine. A 2 hour hold is not so long for the hcg to build up. And I always get lighter lines with fmu than later in the day. Maybe you can get a blood test to ease the worry? Fibgers crossed it is darker tomorrow. Also, I don't know what brand this is, but due to difference in dye amount between tests (even from the same pack) they don't all show progression well.

Five days is so long to repeat the beta. I'd ask to do it asap, before it completely stresses you out.

I could go tomorrow for retest but that still won't give me results until Monday's appointment...

That's annoying. I guess you have no choice but to wait out the weekend then. Maybe you shouldn't test again and wait for the beta results. Comparing lines is so stressful. Maybe get some company and activities lined up to keep you from thinking about it constantly. I'm sorry it's all so unsure. Hugs


I hope you get/got positive answers!
Just make sure not to stress. That’s easier said than done. Been there done that. (I spotted every other month in my 1st trimester)