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I'm not symptom spotting until I get af because I keep telling myself I'm not pregnant, that I can't get pregnant, especially just coming off birth control. Despite the dream of me holding a positive pregnancy test and I'm utterly exhausted today even after a cup of coffee. Af due in 9 days, ovulation predicted 6 days ago, unprotected sex 7 days ago. 


Good luck!

I know that you are doing this so that you don't disappoint yourself. Since it seems like you know your days. It is good start up. But you should also consider since you are from pills there might be changes. Like late af or some cramps. It might also take long for you to conceive. This is because your body is trying to adjust. But I don't think if there will be any problem. With you, you just have to be patient. Wait and believe that things will work for you. In which I believe things will finally work out for you. All the best dear in your new journey. But you have to learn never to despair. It might take long but it ill eventually take place. Bio tex could be a good place to get help if you wanted more information.