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Bfp after 7 years ttc pink spotting and cramps

So it's 18dpo and I made it till bed time and now I'm spotting some pink clear mucus after some cramps that started about 2 hours prior, during spare room rearranging.

Praying I get to keep this one I've waited and worked so many years for.


I did the same thing. I rearranged the guest bedroom at 15dpo. The rest of the night I had bad cramping and a before bed a gush of dark pink cm. I thought I would wake up to bleeding, but nothing happened and the spotting stopped. Hopefully it is just from exerting yourself. Take it easy. Plenty of time for cleaning and organizing later.

How are you today? Did you get some positive news?

No, full force bleeding came by the next morning.

Dear congratulations. I am so happy for you. I understand how difficult it might have been for you. All those years trying to conceive and you never gave up. I can say that we are nearly the same. I was also looking for a child long enough. Till when Bio tex came in the picture. There was a point in my life that I gave up. But I thought I should always seek for my happiness. In which in this case was to be pregnant. I wasted money moving from one clinic to another with no help. So I am really happy for you. The wait was long but you finally managed. My congratulations are in order. Let others also draw inspiration from you. That nothing is impossible. As far as you have the faith and determination to proceed. I am so happy for you.