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1 Week!

It's one week until my lining check! And one week until my last lupron injection! It felt so far away for so long but now it's feeling more real. :) Like, it's close enough now I can even look up a weather report if I want, lol.

If all looks good at my scan they'll confirm my FET date and switch me over to progesterone, which I'll take for 3 days prior to the FET since our embies are 3 days old. My lining on its own always looks "beautiful", so depending on estrogen supplementation to build it instead makes me a little nervous, but I've done a pretty good job staying level about it (and staying off Google). I'm usually very much of the mindset "if it ain't broke, leave it the hell alone bc you might break it" lol, but I am trying to trust my body is working with the medication properly. Lots of prayer, meditation, and visualization.

For those of you who have done ivf before: did you test before your beta? I know I'm not there yet but I keep feeling very conflicted about it. I don't want to test too early and put myself in emotional distress for no reason, but I also don't want to fall apart if the beta is negative. So tricky. :/


Eeek I'm so excited for you! Trust your body and have faith all will go well <3 I did test early before the beta, I knew in my heart it worked, I just had this feeling and nothing in particular as far as any symptoms stood out from any other cycle. In fact, I had more symptoms on the cycles it didn't work, go figure. It is a tricky decision, but I think once you get to that point you'll do what feels right for you. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

So close! I did test before my beta. It’s the only part of this process I had any control over. I also used to order my own quantitative hcg test once I got a faint positive on my own so I already knew if the numbers were climbing appropriately by the time the doctor ordered one.

I think it's safe to most of us tested early! Haha!! I began testing at 5dp5dt so if you are doing a 3dt and want to start testing early, is wait until at least 7dp3dt.

Lol, it seems once we get to that point we're tired of waiting! Thanks guys. I guess of all the things I have to worry about that one should be low on the list, but for some reason it's bugging me. Anyway, onward!

I have not been through what you are currently going through. I which I mean I have not had an IVF. but I was once anxious like you. Whether I will be pregnant or not. The wait was long every passing day. It felt like I will never make it. So do not give up. I am here to give you encouragement. To tell you taht things will just work out. Give it time. Do not feel like things will go against you will. They might this time. But not everyday. Just be patient and learn to never give up. It might take 7 years but eventually it will come to pass. Bio tex really helped me a lot to overcome the problems and difficulties. I could not believe that I will one day become a mother. But now I can happily said that my son is growing old every passing day.

I always ask people if they're going to test before beta. Im a terrible influence, so if your inclination is not to test before beta, stop reading this now. I always tested before beta for a few reasons. I was typically at work when they called with the results and I was deathly afraid of getting terrible news midway though a work day. I also felt like in a situation where so much control is taken away, I had control over that. I had the control and I got to be the very first one to know if there was a little baby (or two) setting up shop. I also know myself, I knew that if I was somehow able to hold off on testing, it would be by convincing myself that it absolutely worked, and getting a negative result would crush me that much more. At least with pregnancy tests, I was used to those being negative, I was numb to them. I could see a negative pregnancy test and sort of process that, but a call that IVF failed us, I couldn't imagine processing that. We had two unsuccessful transfers before our final, successful transfer. I have to say that even with the negative results, it was so helpful to have nearly a week to pick myself back up, and when our RE called me with the negative beta, I was able to turn it into a productive conversation; ask why, what we could have done or would do differently, what she thought of it all etc. rather than just being a hot mess at work. I would say by 7-10DPT you should be good to take a FRER if you decide to :) BTW, SO excited for you girl! Cant wait for you to post your bfp! We have all been rooting for you for so long, I really think this is it!

I’m still following your journey, spazzle! I left this TTC world over 3.5 years ago but I never forgot about you. I check back often just to see updates from you and I’m so glad to see your journey progressing! Wishing you the best of luck!!

Fingers crossed for a great lining check tomorrow!!!

Patiently waiting for an update....

Thank you all so much!!! I love seeing so many familiar faces!!! Gonna make an estrogen-supplement girl cry, lol. I will post a full update tomorrow, but the FET is on track! My lining and estradiol were both above what they require so that was a relief to hear. :) Aside from the PIO being a very literal pain in the ass, all is well! I didn't want to spam the feed until I had more to share. Trying to stay calm and praying all goes to plan tomorrow.

Im with mrsK! Still following your journey like an addict! Hope ur feeling welland sending baby vibes! Love alex

Im with mrsK! Still following your journey like an addict! Hope ur feeling welland sending baby vibes! Love alex

Im with mrsK! Still following your journey like an addict! Hope ur feeling welland sending baby vibes! Love alex

So is Friday your FET!!?? Praying for you, love!!

Good Luck!!!!!!!!! Sending many, many prayers up for you this morning!