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A little bit about myself, I am 24 years old; married to a beauty for a year now. We started talking about starting a family right after our wedding. We tried our first iui in Mexico but was not successful (later to find out the doc inseminated us not @ the right time). Our second time ttc was in February 16, 2018. So fat I’m 12dpiui and i got a BFN this morning. I’ve read a lot that many women get their BFP by their 13-15dpiui And hoping that’s the case for me but I’ve been having AF symptoms. To be honest I’ve been feeling them since 9dpiui. I decided to to just write them down. 

1dpiui-8dpiui: did not feel anything.

9dpiui-10dpiui: lower back was killing me. Very uncomfortable, AF like cramps (but bearable not like my real AF cramps) and a lot of cm( felt almost wet all the time)

11dpiui: less cramps they come and go, less cm, less back ache. Weird small pain in my left ovary (came and went for the whole day) tested:BFN

12dpiui: bloated, thought for sure my AF came last night but didn’t. dull cramping on my left ovary. Feel heaviness: tested BFN

im starting to think this might not be my cycle. And im eagerly waiting for AF to arrive so we can get started on my next cycle!