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IVF seminar in Melbourne tonight

Hi guys,  itd been a while since ive posted but just thought id drop and and say hi to everyone . really  excited because im taking two girlfriends to an ivf seminar in Melbourne  tonight (monash ivf glen waverly)  as we are all really interested to go.  Each friend has just recently had surgery for their endometriosis ... one as recently as last Wednesday and the other 3 weeks ago,   so i am driving them both in and we are all looking forward to going and getting some good information.  Its nice to do this together as we have all been in the ttc trenches  together for years. Anyway just really looking forward to it with them and being their support. 

How is everyone else doing lately?  Trying anything new? Sperm meets egg program? changing up your diet or vitamins or bd schedule? Taking a ttc holiday somewhere romantic maybe?  

Hope everyones well. 

Love alexandra


Hello. How are you? Hope you are doing great. It makes me so sad when I hear infertility stories. My heart goes out to women suffering from infertility. I have been through this stage as well. Please, don’t worry. I am sure God has a better plan for you. I and my husband have opted for surrogacy. My husband and I love children and it made us really emotional when we couldn’t carry our own. It makes me happy that we found a good clinic that gave us the option of surrogacy. I am really thankful to them. It makes me so happy that good and trustworthy clinics still exist. Most clinics these days are only in for making money.