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Today’s the day

i had a positive ovu test today so it’s treatment day. My partner can’t be with and I’m super nervous and emotional about this. I know it can’t be helped. Plus my work we’re really off about it all this time made me feel bad for wanting to go.


I am very happy for you dear and i wish you all the best and all my prayers are with you on your journey of pregnancy. I just wish your partner can be with you all the time as this is a very mood swinging and emotional ride for us and a helping hand is more then needed in this state. I have gone through miscarriage earlier this year and i thought my life ended then and their but my partner gave me strength and got me employed in an essay writing company as i am good in academic writing and that diverted my mind and focus. Do eat a lot of ice cream though, a personal opinion ;)

When I was a mother to be I was excited like this, too, so I can understand how you feel. As for the other comment, a work at an essay writing company is a good idea for a woman who stays at home as a mother. My friend has a biology degree and she writes biology essays here Girls, I wish you so much luck and love!