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Let’s take a poll...

• Ovulation - March 7

• A day later noticed a huge increase in CM. Continued for 5 days 

• 3 DPO - moderate cramps 

• 6 DPO - pink CM, enough to fill a liner. Just once.

• 7 DPO - pink CM once in morning. Last time.

• 9 DPO - bright red spotting after BM. Just once.

• 9 DPO - BFN 

Symptoms - FATIGUE, bloating, dizziness spells, tingling in breasts (no soreness).

This is our second cycle of trying after a blighted ovum (MC) in December.

Thanks Guys <3


Hi guys. I’m on 3dpo and feeling very tired and crampy. This is my second cycle on Femara. Anyone out there on 3dpo that we can track our tww together?

I’m 6dpo I’ve had all of these symptoms just not pink CM yet. Today the CM has increased to where a few times I thought I might have started my period. It’s still very early at 9dpo! I’d wait for AF and test again! You’re not out yet ❤️

I believe I ovulated on March 7th too and am 8 DPO. I don’t have pink CM yet but it’s white and feels like a lot! You’re may be implantation bleeding! :)I’m also SO tired to the point where I will go most of the day with a break in between and then all over again so exhausted my eyes could shut. I haven’t gotten a positive yet. I’m freezing and feeling like I need to pee a lot! Keeping my fingers crossed for us both and hope we get an answer one way or the other. This wait is no fun!