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TTW No PMS symptoms


This is my first time blogging about my actual personal life... I was never the type to put my business out there but I am curious about who else is in the same boat as I am... I am so close on giving up but there is still hope left in me and maybe from reading other people's stories will help me regain my spirits. I miscarried last April.. I was three months pregant when I miscarried. It took me a year to concieve. My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for the past six months with no success. This month I was certain that we BD on my ovulation day (I never really charted because my cycle is never the same) My period is due on 3/20, I have little to no symptoms. Normally I would have really bad cramps, headaches, and really sore boobs but I have none of those. I took a pregnancy test last night with a blue dye test (I know blue dye tests sucks but I grabbed whatever I could grab first) and it had a verrrrry faint line but I am not sure if it is an evaporation line. I will test again this weekend.. Hopefully I get a BFP on my birthday this Sunday :)  


Hi! This is my first time on a site like this. It took my husband and I 4 years to get pregnant with our first baby. We are year 2 on TTC for baby # 2. I’ve never experienced a miscarriage so I don’t know your pain. My period is due March 22nd. I’ve had a few symptoms the one that sticks out the most is still having CM after O. And it’s been everyday since 2dpo. I usually dry up until the day before my period then I get a small amount of Cm. I’ve had the pulling and tingling sensation left pelvic area. Left back pain only yesterday for maybe an hour. I’m really trying to not get my hopes up but it’s hard not too! I would test again this weekend! I’d also recommend looking at each brands measurements for the HCG. Some are way more sensitive than others! Keep me updated!! Baby dust ❤️

HI! WOW! 4 years!!!! I was going to look into IUI within the next couple months if we do not have any success. Baby dust to you as well!!! Please keep me updated!! <3

Yes girl 4 long years to where my husband and I gave up (cliche I know NO ONE wants to hear it but we did) and it just happened! Please look into reproductive acupuncture before IUI air IVF. It has helped me so much regulate my hormones cycle ovulation and sleep!

@LJohnson I will most definitely look into reproductive acupuncture!! Thanks! @Ovary Wizard I know! They should just stop making them!! Toying with our emotions :( I am sorry for your loss.. it makes us much stronger!!! Thank you so much! If you are trying again, baby dust to you.