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IsolaGrace98, I inverted your pic

Sorry, I didn’t know how to just put this pic in a comment on your post! 


Even without the arrows, I could clearly see the line on the inverted pic. I hesitate either way because everyone dogs the blue dye tests but ... I do see it and I wouldn’t call it “no” yet, that’s for sure. I’m not convinced it’s Evap Line because I’ve had them before and they don’t show up on the inverted pics without really straining. I can see yours. This is a great post about the “Evap Line” thing: I know that nothing will change the COLOR except hcg. But- it’s hard to discern gray (indent line) from blue or pink when they’re so faint.... compounded with it being hard to tell when it’s early to test, it’s your own, you really want it, and you’ve been staring and staring! Take another test and keep updating!