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This Month’s TTC Gameplan: RED CLOVER

Aunt Flow is slowly receding back into her fortress of evil and this one was a doozy, largely due to it being my first period following a naturally miscarried blighted ovum. These were cramps of a different ilk than usual, with weird shooting in my hipbones. 

Anyhow, back to business: I’m still heartbroken that my body flunked its first ever pregnancy at 37, but I’m not gonna take it lying down. Unless I test positive on an OPK, womp womp.

This month I’ll be harnessing the powers of:

•daily homeopathic Vitex tincture until ovulation (and then gradually wean down to nothing over the next week so as not to shock my progesterone levels)

•red clover supplements for uterus “toning“

•daily evening primrose supplements until ovulation

•preseed-coated softcups left in for 12 hours after intercourse each time

•weekly fertility acupuncture 

•zero caffeine 

•pre natal vitamins, duh

Also DH has been instructed to take selenium and CoQ10 pills and hold off on wanking any more than every 48 hours when we aren’t BD-in, doctor‘s orders.

This lifestyle must be sort of like how people in a cult feel. All these regulations, grasping at straws to make a miracle manifest any week now. 

Anyway, stay tuned for more enthralling details on my reproductive habits! And while we’re at it, feel free to share yours in the comments section!



I love reading your writing, you are so real and entertaining ♡. Sending you love and support for the miscarriage, it's hard to understand why it's so common and even harder to accept when you are TTC. Sending you lots of love and baby dust for more attempts. I too am in my 30s TTC and though I love practicing getting pregnant it sucks it is not as easy to conceive as I thought it was going to be. I have not heard of any of these fertility boosters besides the prenatals and no caffeine (a really hard one for me). I'm quite interested in the preseed soaked softcups, we have only tried the actual lube.

I wrote you a lengthier response on your blog comment section so consider this a PS: I’ve never heard of preseed-soaked softcups- I just massage a bunch of preseed lube *into* the cup and around its rim before, ah, stuffing it in my cooch. HOWEVER. Selling them presoaked in pressed is a geeeeenius idea and you should probably patent the concept and market it to the highest bidder, stat. See you on the Forbes List.

Hahaha omg if my idea works maybe then we could afford to try IVF!

You’d turn the entire fertility industrial-complex on its head.

You could afford it, for you and everyone you know, basically.

It’d be like an Oprah car giveaway:

YOU get an IVF!
YOU get an IVF!
YOU get an IVF!