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Cramp City, USA


Did any of you who’ve experienced natural miscarriage find that it made for way crampier cycles in the following months?

I’ve been cramptastic since ovulation this month, especially near my hips, and occasionally in my, uh, “mons veneris” (google it) and none of this  feels how I remember implantation ”pings” for the 7 weeks before my loss last month, so wtf is going on?

Is my uterus still angry at me? Am I still healing? The miscarriage took about a week and a half and was no walk in the park, but then my reproductive organs felt pretty neutral once my period came... until O-day, since which point it’s just been rumbling uncomfortably here and there throughout the day. Nothing agonizing, but it‘s putting me on edge a bit. Before my first and only pregnancy (which ended in loss) I’d get cramps on and off closer to my periods. I have like 10 days to go til AF.

Welp. Gonna watch a bad 90’s Danielle Steele straight-to-video movie, eat salt and vinegar chips and pray that my body is not broken forever. 

All thoughts & suggestions RE my womb are welcome.