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2ww: Month five and staying alive!

My husband and I decided to start trying for a baby back in December. We knew it wouldn't be easy as I had visited a doctor who suspects I may have endo. We are putting off the opp as I said I want to try and conceive asap. I have had a LLETZ procedure over a year ago and a tilted uterus too all of which can have an impact on fertility and carrying a baby. I was so happy to hear Binky from MIC also had a LLETZ and was told it could be difficult to carry a baby full term. She now has lovely little India! I am, month five and four days to go until I find out if I'm pregnant or not. I'm currently using a clear blue fertility monitor, which I have used for four months. I can't keep calm or relax, tell me to relax I go mad! If you want something so bad how can you simply forget about it!? Each month my period comes seems like a big F you to me. I'm really hoping this is our month and we fall pregnant. If not well, I guess roll on month six.

Anyway, glad I stumbled upon this site as we haven't told our families and only told a few friends who do not get what TTC is like. 


Hope to find some cycle sisters soon! TTC is lonely as F.





I’m 5 days behind you in the 2 week wait and man, do I feel your pain.
We have been trying for over a year and I finally got pregnant in January but miscarried naturally in early March due to blighted ovum. It was so demoralizing- like the ONE time I’ve ever (finally) been able to conceive backfired. I’m 37 and semi-convinced that my reproductive and endocrinological systems systema are basically just turning into a pumpkin at this point. So depressing. Anyway, it ain’t over til it’s over. I hope you get a BFP in a week! Hang in there!

Ovary Wizard (great name) I am so so so sorry to hear you miscarried. I can't even imagine how that must have felt. Well done to you for being the person you are today, you are an amazing strong woman. I hear ya! I am praying for us both tonight to the universe or unicorn or whatever God gets us a baby on the fast! I tested today, the day before my period and B F N which was disappointing but staying hopeful! Fingers crossed it doesn't show and I'll test again on Friday.
lots of love xx