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Hey guys! I just started my stims on the 14th and have my first followup scan tomorrow to see how my ovaries have reacted thus far. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time!! I was actually supposed to stim in march but due to a cyst that cycle had to be put on hold. Were doing a FET cycle, so transfer is 5 weeks after retrieval (the end of may).

Anyone else doing a spring IVF cycle and super nervous??

**crossing my fingers the first cycle works!!


Aww thank you so much for that!! Fingers crossed for you as well along your journey :)

Hey guys!! Just to update you, I had my scan yesterday & everything looked great :) My ovaries are responding perfectly to the medication and my eggs are looking great! I have about 5 or so days left of stims, then egg retrieval sometime next week. I have another scan on Friday :) @GinnyBaby I'm so glad I found another IVF buddy!! Keep me updated on your scan and I wish you so much luck :)

I am so happy for you Ash. I am glad your ovaries are responding perfectly. Eggs need to be in great health for egg retrieval. Good luck with your next scan on Friday. IVF buddies can be great. I will wait for your next update and scan. I was not lucky enough to carry on my own. I had to go through a long process of treatments. Our last resort was surrogacy. We registered with Biotexcom clinic in Ukraine. I am very happy with their services so far. They provide great healthcare facilities. They have an event coming up in the UK as well. It will be held on 17 and 18 August. If anyone is seeking surrogacy then they are the best place for it. Please make sure to visit their website for further details. Good luck guys.

I’m not doing a spring IVF cycle. But my prayers are with you. I am nervous a little bit. But I'm under control. I expect the same from you. Let’s move on to the point. The point is that I wanted to give an update. The update is related to Biotexcom. Biotexcom has announced that the team going for London, it's venue and arrival date has been changed. I have read this on the clinic’s website. But there I could not find the new date. You all must be very anxious about it. Well, I don’t have any information regarding it. So I’ll just play cool. Good luck everyone.