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Hint o’PCOS

Oh hey Ladies.

Well would ya look at that it turns out I have “mild” PCOS. As opposed to the spicy variety. Just found out today at the gyno but I’m just WHATEVER BISHES because I’m already sort of at the end of the ol’sanity rope. 

I can drink all the dehydrated deer antlers and liquified squirel dicks from the herbalist that I want, and scarf down my Vitex tincture that tastes like demon pee and it won’t make a difference because this looks like a job for western medicine. Bring on the clomid, femara, metformin, whatever they tell me to take.

Once I get my period this cycle (oh and I will, friends) I’m retiring my shamanistic remedies and cramming my body full of synthetic hormones. Maybe grow and extra tit or a reverse mustache. Catch you on the flip side, Mother Nature.

[insert primal scream here]


I'm so sorry you have to go through this! Thank God you got checked!

Fuck the deer antlers and shit!
All the good luck!! Xx

With a name to the demon, a gameplan can be formulated.(why am I suddenly picturing Dean Winchester, a black Impala and bags of salt? !) I'd say roll on next cycle but I'd vastly prefer you to get a healthy bfp first.
Vasbyt as they say In these parts xxx

Ugh you guys are right. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Thanks for your support. Digital high 5’s for all! <3