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So Apparently Ureaplasma Is Haunting My Pee Hole

The hits just keep on coming this week! First a diagnosis of mild PCOS and now, this just in: UREAPLASMA lives inside of me and wants to do bad things to my future.

Nothing up my sleeves, plenty up my lady parts.

Here’s the skinny on ureaplasma: up to 80% of sexually active women harbor the bacteria in varying degrees and while it’s curiously under-researched, it’s commonly believed to cause difficulty getting pregnant, miscarriages, early term births, respiratory problems in infants and stillbirths in some cases. 

I googled the bejeezus out of this little-known critter today and learned that some believe it’s “overlooked” in fertility work ups on purpose because think of all the money an industry can make when it glazes over a common, silent infection that obstructs infertility and could be treated on average in 10 days with doxycyclin antibiotics. Those bastards!

Anyhow, I *have* it so I have to wait until my trusty BFN in less than 2 weeks (a just-in-case measure, as doxycycline is a category 5 antibiotic so better not to taken in early pregnancy) and when AF strikes my parnter and I will try to blast the ureaplasma out of our systems with sweet western medicine. Oh and no sex during that cycle because there’s no telling who the carrier monkey is but we don’t want to keep passing it back and forth. Isn’t that SO ROMANTIC? 


Did any of you know about this? Anecdotes? Flowers and chocolates? Bring it.


The word looks vaguely familiar but basically no, never heard of it but hang on a minnit...somewhere in my googling I came across a whole lot of "i got pg on long-term or high dose antibiotics" stories and some clinic nurses had noticed the trend but couldn't say why...hmmmmmmmmm
OWiz, is it a simple test? It's not one I've ever been offered before.
It's winterish here so I don't have flowers and because of keto, no chocolate either but I have some random pics ready to fire off into the void if you'll confirm email. Dunno if you saw my previous Q?
Anyhoo, stock up on the probiotics and good luck with all that abstinence!!!! On the topic of "those bastards" my faith in the cold cynicism of any money-generating industry is unshakeable.
And if you go here and scroll down to Lynn's story it's rather interesting...wish I had a doc like this one.

Ok so first of all that physician is the Rolls Royce of physicians. I like this:

“Speaking as a human being, I've learned from my patients that a lengthy, frustrating trial for pregnancy can destroy the spontaneous desire for intercourse and leave in its place a pre-planned performance schedule mechanically timed to coordinate with ovulation.”

Haha, amen, sister.

And would you look at Lynn’s story indeed. Very interesting, both links. Can you imagine if a low key bacterial infection was the primary obstruction to most TTC couples? I’m practically looking over my shoulder as I write this to make sure the pharma-mafia isn’t about to throw a burlap sack over my head and take my down to the bay.

Definitely it’ll be interesting to see what happens with the doxycycline. To be honest I don’t mind a month “off duty.” I can’t remember the last month we didn’t have to mechanically time intercourse for the greater good, etc. I like a good rodgering as much as the next guy but the stress that accompanies “getting it right” and tracking the symptoms in the TWW is such a pain and I can’t shut it off when I’m trying; the thoughts are like flies on a horse’s ears that no amount of flicking will rid me of.
If I’m feeling real sassy I might even take Femara when we get back to work. Post antibiotics AND chemical sludge to ramp up baby making... double trouble!

Have you settled into the Keto rhythm to the point where you don’t crave any of the stuff you shouldn’t eat? Is chocolate still a thing you yearn for or at this point is it more just like a construct in the mind?

Also i included this in our other thread but suggested we move our convo up here for minimal thumb scrolling (and somrge pharma-mafia doesn’t trail us)

Tah dah

so i fired off the email using my horrible phone as propellant and now think it left the pics at home....let me know....without them the mail comes over as the mutterings of someone fairly disconnected from the world as we know it.

It's surprisingly easy to do because, no hunger! The hardest part for me is ingesting enough fat every day. Bulletproof coffee is a lifesaver but i'm going off coffee lately, probably cause ive been chucking it down. If I don't eat enough fat calories I don't lose. So today, enter The Fat Bomb! I just made a batch of peanut butter cheesecake fat bombs and Im sitting here silently crying for the freezer to hurry up and set them!
I must be honest, technophobe though I am, if it wasnt for my calorie counter little phone app I wouldn't have lasted. If I had to carry a notebook, scale and calculator around all day Id have said fuckit i'd rather be fat on day 2
I don't crave chocolate anymore but i refuse to give up my glass of red wine completely! Once a week I save my carbs and have a big glass with a good meal :-) Keeps me sane and happy.
So, am 9dpo with a bfn and no symptoms, story of my life lol
Wishing you and your attendant microbes a fabulous day,

What the!! I have never heard of this!!! Defo go get flowers and chocolate for yourself pronto!!

100% with you on the technophobe front, and yet without this gadget I’m tapping st wildly between teaching classes I wouldn’t be able to track my cycles and it occurs to me that until I had a smartphone I basically had zero idea of what was going on in my body unless there was a flagrant symptom like cramping or bleeding. Hard to believe, all those years in the dark. Then again, I was simply trying to avoid having a child at that point rather than trying to generate one lol.

In any case, yay apps and hourrah Keto not making you hungry. The Fat Bomb portion of your process sounds delightful! I hope the frozen treasures have been relished by now. Me, I had some gummy worms, tuna and pinto beans today (not in that order) and various other middle of the road snacks. I’m as indiscriminate an eater as a dog most of the time but have been forced into heightened mindfulness by the glorious process that is TTC.
As regards wine, all the studies show that a glass a day makes you live forever and all that great stuff! Isn’t red wine Keto compatible?

As regards the email ecosystem, he have ignition. I got your dispatch and am assembling a few photos to include in my response. Pharma Mafia beware.

Vagina Bugs McGee

This post is priceless. How can I find out more?

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well i was just thinking we shd all get together and write a book ;-)