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Trying-to-Conceive Blog

2ww: Here's a fun game!

This fun game is called trying to conceive, or inviting a baby into your life it's all the same in the end. 

You will need:

1. Two people who want a baby.

2. Somewhat functioning reproductive organs.

3. A normal sane life.

4. Sperm and an egg.

*BONUS ITEMS*-Pre conception vitamins, Basal Body Temping kit, OPK kit, preseed, home insemination kit. 

Rules (Game must be played once a month):

1. Try doing the 'baby dance' around ovulation days.

2. If that doesn't work, use one or two of the bonus items the next month.

3. Add all the fucking items into the game.

4. Now each month, wait two weeks for signs that may just infact be your period coming.


END GOAL: If you win, at the end of the two weeks you get a positive pregnancy test. YAY YOU!

If you lose, you lose your sanity a little each time and get a lovely visit from the red mistress herself-your period.



Age restrictions apply.



Keep going girls! It's only two weeks....said none of us ever.




Hahahah I know this game really really well but I keep losing and then I sulk about it. Hard. But hey you gotta play the lottery or you won’t stand a chance of winning, amiright?