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My thermometer is in perfect health, thank you very much

My chart is a tad odd this cycle. I wake up every morning thinking will it? wont it? Just a little bit? I promise I have tested my thermometer thoroughly and these just are my actual temps at the moment.

Anyhoo it probably means sweet Fanny Adams. Tell me rather about disappearing lines people, do THEY mean anything?

Dr Google says..."According to OB-GYN Kameelah Phillips, a primary reason the pregnancy line disappears is because you’re testing too early. For the most accurate results, you’re supposed to test two weeks after you ovulate. "If the pregnancy is very early, the hCG level in your urine may just meet the threshold for being detected. You will see a faint line that can disappear over time," Phillips says to Romper in an email interview."

My ephemeral line was, admittedly, flipping faint to begin with but apparent within a minute or two so I thought I'd get on with my baking and go back when it had dried because lines tend to darken a tad when dry. So I beavered away in the kitchen for an hour then stepped into the loo and my line was gone!!!! 

Is it indeed just too early or are cheap dipsticks prone to this villainous act of dark magic?



(Lol’s at Fanny Adams)
Lady Tazlington,
Not much I can say in the way of temping, as it is the one TTC activity that has evaded me in my obsessive quest.
False positives on HPK’s? I could write you a novella. But I’m on the train, so I’ll write you a couple paragraphs instead.
It is my belief after many hours (if not days) of compulsive online research that a false positive is not without significant meaning.
But it also depends on how fancy (aka pricey) the test.
Exhibit A: if you’re using one of those horbioy expensive FRER numbers, I don’t buy into the idea that somehow coincidentally one’s HCG is ‘just high enough’ at that moment to be tracked on a pee stick. Those costly pee sticks are more sophisticated than I’d ever like to admit. I know from that time I got pregnant for a little while- they picked up on the faintest traces before I believed I could possibly be knocked up.
But the internet cheapies (which I now use full time) do this weird thing where they can claw up extra pink at the beginning and then “calm down” once the test line shows. It’s diabolical if you ask me.
With either type of test, if you’re getting the teaser-line as of the predicted day of AF (or especially, beyond) I’m willing to bet that the pee stick is detecting those subtle amounts of HSG present *after* conception, but before successful implantation. Basically, your body is on the fence at that point because it’s “sort of” pregnant.
Yeah yeah, I’ve read all about how “there’s no way for the body to start produce any noteworthy HSG until AFTER implantation, but I’ve read (and felt) enough to believe otherwise.
You know that statistic that something like 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage? Well a good chunk of those are chemical pregnancies- in other words- and I’m sure you know this anyhow- a butt ton of sperm meets egg happens all the time but implantation, not so much.
So plenty of our false positives via pee stick, I believe, are in fact proper chemical pregnancies. The kind that a woman may (sore boobs!) or may not (just general PMS feeling) even know about if it weren’t for testing.
It’s the speed dating if the reproductive world. You egg and his sperm sat down and chatted but the timer went off before they could settle into a longstanding connection. For all the women that merely flutter their levels and fall pregnant, a lot of us don’t get past the meeting stage of fickle cells.
So if you ask me, the name of the game is trying to figure out how to set the stage for implantion. You have the zanies like me who gave up caffeine entirely and wear warm socks all the time (for all the good that’s done me) and then you have folks that just leave it in the hands of Mother Nature. I suspect that you’re splitting the difference in a nice, same, realistic way.
Anyway you’re what, 9DPO now? SO CLOSE. It feels like ages but you’ll know soon enough once and for all. So will I, for that matter.
Sincerest regards,
The Dutchess of Endometrium

Well Duchess, you're quite right I do split the diffs but I've taken to living in socks whereas before I was the barefoot when not in public type of gal.
Today is 10dpo and the only symptoms I have are a complete lack of. Remind me where exactly you are on this month's ttc treadmill? 4 or 5dpo? Thereabouts?

I’d wager 6 DPO based on OPK’s and womb twinges I had Saturday. I miss being barefoot among other pre-TTC delights. Socks. So fussy.
PS there’s some spectacular hope-porn out there for TTC-er’s with zero symptoms, I’m sure you’ve noticed... sometimes no news is good news ;-)

Lol! Sometimes no news is no prizes for guessing today's temp....yep, 36.6 for the seventh day running, this has to be a record!
So this morning's ic dipstick was a definitive bfn, no hanging dye no indent no evap no nothing at all and I started spotting which is normal for me any time from 10dpo. That said I was unusually queasy this morning, hope porn indeed hehehe. Oh well, as you said Duchess, we will both know soon enough! Happy Weekend TTC Superheroes!

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