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2ww: AF

So, the title says it all.

Aunt fucker Flo is here.

I'm literally broken this time. I've done all I physically can and can afford to do. I feel so lonely right now, but I know I have you guys.

I feel like those I'm speaking to are sick of hearing me say "well it didn't work this time." They're running out of positive things to say. I just feel as if I'm in pieces. I'm not myself and it's not OK. I've lost myself in this process as we all do from time to time. 





HopefulMum2B I am sitting alone watching a Justin Bieber music video eating bread, fresh back from ANOTHER doctor’s appointment.
This time they told me my partner has 78% abnormal sperm. I almost wanna laugh cuz I’m all out of tears. What the fuck ELSE do they got in the works for us?
I know how you feel. I also know there’s not much I can say in the way of reassurance when AF pops up again. Mine should be rolling in on Friday and you better believe I’m gonna hit new levels on the shite-o-meter when she does.. I dunno. Eat bread. Drink wine. Whatever lefts the curtain of grief for a hot minute. This always infuriates me but there’s truth in it: it ain’t over til it’s over. Doesn’t feel like it but these are early days yet.

Sorry Hopeful, sorry OWiz, cr@p news all round. I have nothing but some virtual hugs, invisible wine, imaginary chocolates. ..hoping you have the real things close to hand.