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Light cramping

Im 7 days post ovulation acvording to CHERRY app. Feeling subtle cramp pain again, not as bad/the same as the tenth when i inferred i was definitely sperm meets egg ovulating or whatever. Been having the back pain low in my back too and contraction type pain real bad like i did when lactose intolerant milk and cheese when preg with daughter in 2017. Anyway, of course dyin to test i should just chill, Supposed to start period the 24th acvording to app so is this 612 days before period that could benimplantation cramps!? I mean, if nto ill start bleeding tonight/tomorow. So whatevs right!? Killing time


I mean preg in 2016 w daughter born 11\11\2016

Did you just take the tests in the pic? Because those look pretty positive to me! <3

Went into Walmart this evening & fruit smelled way strong, then could nearly taste the cardboard boxes in grocery.... Frozen foods in grocery and refrigerators didn't make me sick though. Yet. Be great if they never do. Put on a bra I haven't worn in a week or two and it's definitely tighter making breasts pop out. 8DPO according to Cherry app FM it was correct.

I'm big into dreams too this one may just be a crazy dream of mine usually a feeling comes pretty strong with it if it foreshadows at all. Dreamed I was putting 3 of my only 1 yr 7 my old daughter in our vehicle and I was telling my husband he would need to put them back together into 1 child instead of 3.... I only had 2 car seats and one kid was super wild. Lol Which is neat and I did my research for dreams involving babies etc. Nothing as specific as that of course. I'd say could indicate twins as my future but not even close to likely. More likely to indicate miscarriage for me.

The only tests I have taken have been way to early and beg at I've. Lol. Those r old and IDK why there still there....

Had a sudden sharp pain in my left ovary seemingly laat night ao bad i flenched! Then later after that some throbbing pain in my right side.. i only had some stabs and throbs and needles... I assumed was my ovulation.... Tests still coming ip negative 10 dpo. Maybe i need to try more again!!

Todays the first day my period is supposed to come according to Cherry app. Hasnt yet. No cramps, nothing. Maybe i could test & geta very faint positive right now if i am.... Im feeling a little ... Idk "off" but im super exhausted enorionally memtally and physically so sitting here trying to sit still is very hard. Watching a movie my son go for hia bday Ant Man. Once i have food ill feel better. Soda usually makes e burp n i feel bette. But may not be anything afterall ... Ive started around the 28th even the 31st before.. chemicals and miscarriages are common with me.

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