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Okay whatever the heck y’all are doing clearly isn’t working, the entire board is spam after spam after spam posts. DO YOUR JOB AND FIX THE SPAM Edited to add, obviously the “you’re not a robot” check box is doing NOTHING to prevent spam posts. Try harder, work harder. This is ridiculous!!!


Hi Luckyduck23, We understand that this is frustrating... we are frustrated too! We are trying to work with our tech team to figure out a way that we can limit spammer activity without putting significant hurdles on real users to post content. We appreciate your patience as we work to figure out a viable solution! -Tally

I think it would be a good idea to have blogs wait to be approved by admin. That way only real blogs get posted. I can provide help if needed. I have time during the day. This site was such a help to me when I was ttc. I don't want to see it lost.

Thanks for your follow up! We have implemented new protocols for new users- which seem to be helping a ton with decreasing spam posts. Please do keep me posted if you have any questions or concerns. Happy posting! -Tally

Woohoo! Spam is no longer taking up page after page in the blogs! Finally back to user postings, thank you admin!