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We did it! 35 and BFP! Same sex/donor!

Long term ttc changes you along the way and we have been doing this on and off for two and a half years. Things I did differently : I took it easy on myself, kept opks to a minimum, slept when I began to obsess over symptoms, and enjoyed walking through versus avoiding the baby isle. Insemination on cd14 evening, and cd16 morning, ovulation was from two pm on cd15 to cd16 at two pm- used softcups, and preseed the first time, but not the second. Oday-3dpo not much 4 dpo-irritated, yelled at my wife for cluttering the kitchen table. 5 dpo-8dpo not much other than irritable. 9dpo felt like I had pulled something in my low back. Achey! 10dpo low back hurt so bad wasn't sure how I'd get through work, half an hour later it was gone. 11dpo-14dpo irritable, mild low back pain now, but not consistent. Boobs slightly tingling, but nothing crazy. 15dpo no af, kept waiting, low back stopped hurting at all. 16dpo took a test because cocktails for a business trip was on the agenda. Test line came up before the control line. I am over the moon excited and can't wait to share the news with my wife when I get to her on Friday! We've been waiting for you little one!